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909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2: Discover Ida Grove’s Charm

909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2: A Blend of History and Modernity

Nestled in the picturesque town of Ida Grove, Iowa, the residence at 909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2 stands as a testament to both architectural heritage and modern living. This detailed exploration delves into the unique characteristics and potential of this historic property, shedding light on its appeal to potential homeowners and history enthusiasts alike.

Introduction to 909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2

Built in 1895, 909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2 embodies the quintessential elements of late 19th-century architecture while offering the comforts of the 21st century. This two-story home, with its robust frame construction and distinctive asbestos exterior walls, not only reflects the building techniques of its era but also ensures durability.

Architectural Significance

The architectural design of 909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2 is a snapshot of history. The construction techniques used and the materials chosen, such as the asbestos walls and asphalt roofing, are indicative of the period’s building standards and preferences, which prioritized longevity and fire resistance. The preservation of these elements adds a layer of historical authenticity and charm to the property.

Features of 909 5th st lk ida bldg 2

The property at 909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2, nestled in the heart of Ida Grove, Iowa, showcases an array of features that blend historical architecture with modern conveniences. Constructed in 1895, this two-story residence maintains its historical integrity with a frame construction and asbestos exterior walls, typical of the period’s durability and style. The roof, covered with asphalt shingles, complements the structure’s robust design, ensuring long-term protection against the elements.

Inside, the home offers a spacious and functional layout, encompassing approximately 1,748 square feet of living space. It features four bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, making it suitable for families or those needing ample space. The property also includes a full basement, providing additional storage or potential living space. A detached garage, with around 728 square feet, adds to the utility and appeal of the home, serving as a secure space for vehicles or a workshop. These features make 909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2 not just a residence, but a potential haven for those appreciating the blend of past and present.

Modern Comforts Within a Historic Framework

Despite its age, the residence does not lack modern amenities. It offers a spacious layout with four bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms across 1,748 square feet of living space. The inclusion of a full basement provides additional storage and potentially usable space, which is a significant advantage for any homeowner.

Living Spaces

The home’s interior is designed to accommodate both the needs of a modern family and the desires of those who appreciate the aesthetic of a bygone era. The seven rooms are well-proportioned, facilitating comfortable living and efficient use of space.

Detached Garage

Another modern feature is the detached garage, which offers 728 square feet of space. This not only serves the practical purpose of vehicle storage but also adds value to the property as a flexible space for workshops or additional storage.

The Allure of Ida Grove

Ida Grove, the small town that hosts this historic property, is renowned for its welcoming community and scenic beauty. This setting enhances the living experience at 909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2, offering residents a peaceful lifestyle with access to modern conveniences.

Educational and Recreational Opportunities

The town provides excellent educational opportunities with local schools like Odebolt-Arthur Elementary and Battle Creek Ida Grove High School. Additionally, the community offers various recreational activities, from local parks to cultural events, enriching the lives of its residents.

Real Estate Potential

909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2 is not only a home but also a wise investment. The property’s historical value combined with its modern upgrades makes it a unique offering in the real estate market. The stability of the market in Ida Grove and the affordability of such properties make it an attractive option for buyers.

Market Trends and Investment Insights

The real estate market in Ida Grove shows a preference for homes that blend historical significance with modern amenities. Properties like 909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2 are likely to appreciate over time, offering a good return on investment due to their unique characteristics and desirable location.


909 5th St LK Ida Bldg 2 represents an opportunity to own a piece of history while enjoying the benefits of modern living. It is more than just a residence; it’s a portal to a lifestyle that honors the past and embraces the future. Whether as a family home or an investment, this property promises to be a fulfilling choice for anyone looking to settle in Ida Grove.

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